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Tour de France by the Waterfield family
Bordeaux riverside at night
Cycling to St Emilion
Dining out in Bordeaux
Rest break on the Bergerac to Bordeaux tour
The old chateau at Langoiran

A French Cycling Holiday or Love Affair?

France is a land of passion and down here in Bordeaux, the French love affair with cycling is shown by the number of bike paths and the consideration shown to cyclists by motorists. Add sunshine, fine food & wine and a culture of joie de vivre and you have all that is needed for great cycling holidays whether veteran or novice. Still unsure? Then browse some of our favourite cycle tours in this other ‘South of France’.

What recent guests say...
What recent guests say...

September 2014 Group Tour?

Bordeaux to the Med

8 nights- Easy Route - full support.
but should we run it again?


Direct flights make for
longer Cycling Holidays

Bordeaux now has direct flights from 10 airports in the UK and Eire. This summer you can reach a cycling holiday in SW France by flying directly from Edinburgh - Luton - Bristol Manchester - Dublin - Cork - Liverpool - Southampton or Birmingham (Plus Koebenhaven, Oslo, Amsterdam, Madrid,  Milan, Paris etc)            

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About Us
...and why we feel best placed to support your best ever cycling holidays in France.

The Alternatives
A checklist to help you compare cycling holidays in France. Print a copy to use when browsing. (it includes the addresses of all the Bordeaux cycling holidays we know of)

Our Cycling Tours
Here we invite you to compare some of our cycling holidays or call us up and say how you would like your cycle tour modified. or ask for a copy of 'The Pleasures of Bordeaux'.

The City of Bordeaux
The place where we get to boast about the coolest city  in France - its boutiques, bistros, Belle Epoque brasseries, bike routes, boulangeries and basques... you get the idea

Vineyards and Valleys
The more we ride this patchwork of vineyards, hamlets and elegant chateaux the more we appreciate how much more there is to discover. Here is just a taste of the trivia, myths and magic that lie behind cycling holidays in this part of France.

Useful Resources
The site's  'junk room' - the words about cycling trips that didn't fit elsewhere but were too useful to throw out. Have a rummage to see what interests you. FAQs, packing lists road signs, public lavatories, feats of derring-do - its all here.

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Why Choose Bordeaux
for a Cycling Holiday?

Well, the city of Bordeaux itself is blessed with almost unfair advantages:

  • Flights from 10 british regional airports take about 2 hours or early trains from London can reach lunch in the city - see Easy routes to Bordeaux
  • Bordeaux's elegant 18th century heart is an architectural gem that was rightly awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO.
  • The chic ‘golden triangle’ has the lingerie, chocolate, and perfume boutiques that make any visit to France special.

But in addition to having a great gateway city, Bordeaux’s valleys, vinyards and forests have all the other essentials for carefree cycling holidays in France, or anywhere else you choose:

  • Quality accommodation that offers stylish comfort for bodies that have earned a  good nights rest (and a dip in the pool?)

  • A choice of tour styles and routes of varying distances to cater for the more (and the less) athletic.

  • Quiet country lanes and dedicated cycle paths that allow you to enjoy a cycling holiday at your chosen pace.

  • Plenty of interest, whether that be tiny hamlets, great cathedrals, wine cellars, grand chateaux, country markets, fortified towns or just games of boules in the village square.

  • A tradition of local produce served simply with great wine - the ‘cuisine de terroir’. (on cycling holidays in France calorie-counting is outlawed)

We are sure our cycletours deliver on those promises - but first ..........

Country road Entre Deux Mers

Choosing the best cycling holiday for YOU

Holiday time is precious time, so you want to be sure that you are getting the very best cycling holiday that’s available. Surfing takes time so we devised a little check-list that we think helps. It is on The Alternatives page. And to make those comparisons even easier we provide links to 14 cycling holidays around Bordeaux that we know are being offered by others.
At the very least it could save you time and it should help you to find the best french cycling holidays for you. (Hope to see you back here soon).

A Brief Encounter with Bordeaux

A Brief Encounter with Bordeaux A 4 night(5 day?) cycle tour through a range of landscapes that can include a night on a w...


The family friendly tour

The family friendly tour A cycle tour with sensible mileages and often swimming pools for guests’ use at your overn...


The Wine Lovers Tour

The Wine Lovers Tour Cycle through Bordeaux's vineyards to St Emilion's to sample wines such as the Pomerols, ...


A Taste of Bordeaux

A Taste of Bordeaux - a gentle 7 night/8 day tour that offers 5/6 days cycling on a route wandering up the rig...


Bordeaux to Bergerac

Bordeaux to Bergerac relaxed cycling tour between the Dordogne and Garonne valleys that explores the heart of t...


Bordeaux to Bezier - a group tour

Bordeaux to Bezier - a group tour A bike ride that crosses France from an Atlantic port to a Mediterrnean beach and never f...


A two centre Hub and Spoke Tour

A two centre Hub and Spoke Tour - Provides 4 nights in Bordeaux with a choice of 5 day-rides plus 3 nights in Bazas or Uze...