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cycling Bordeaux vineyards

The Alternatives

                        - comparing French Cycling Holidays 

We naturally hope you will choose to take your French cycling holiday with us down here in Bordeaux. But we are not going to persuade you to enjoy one of our tours by simply shouting: 'we are the best'. So instead, we have devised a quick little checklist that you can keep by you when you go on-line comparing cycling holidays, french or otherwise.

Bordeaux vineyards

PLUS, to save you time scouring the internet, we have ransacked our files to dig out all the other French cycling holidays around Bordeaux that we have ever found. The list is at the bottom.

After all, if we can save you time shortlisting your French cycling holiday options you will have more time to study our tours on the right .... and, if you don't find what you want there, then you can always drop us a line and let us know how you would like a
French cycling holiday tailored to your tastes, or your schedule. After all why settle for second best?

Hope to hear from you soon

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The Accommodation?

Whether you stay at an Auberge, Chambre d’hotes, or Chateau, what matters is that it be comfortable, welcoming and responds to your needs. The tour company should be happy to offer website addresses so you can have a peek. On a cycling tour you need quality rest.  

The Bikes?

Are the bikes going to be a good fit and reliable? If not owned by the tour organiser who decides what you get? They need not be brand new or famous brand but how long is spent on servicing after use? Do they guarantee their response if a problem arises?  

Local knowledge offered?

Do you get ‘insider’ tips on where to lunch, or picnic, using the phones, etc? (If they have no local knowledge are you testing out the cycle tour’s routes for them?).  

The Route

Is the cycle route one that you will enjoy, not endure? If you dread remounting the bike next day, the softest beds and tastiest meals won’t make up for it. The route does not have to be level, just reasonable, and if you are riding with an enthusiast, is there the option of extra miles to give them the buzz they seek while you get to relax? 

Route notes and maps

You should expect clear and complete route notes that keep you on track and tell you about the countryside you are passing through. Can you see a sample page? Ideally, does a local host meet you and walk you through the tour? 

Is the price you see, the price..

Are there extras that boost a low headline price? bike hire? long transfers to arrival/departure points? Is the price quoted B&B, or half-board - on some, or all, nights? Must you buy their insurance? 

How long to get there?

Unless you enjoy the process of holiday travel, ask what is the total travel time from front door to dropping the suitcase? Perhaps train travel is more relaxing than flying but the comparison still makes sense  

What else is important for YOU?

Its YOUR tour. Be sure to check each offer and note the answers on the PDF version that you can print off below . 

Download Check List

Best of the Rest of French Cycling Tours?

To save you time searching for alternative Bordeaux cycling tours we have ransacked our files: The sites (in english) that we know about offering self-guided/guided cycle holidays in reach of Bordeaux are ourselves -  (add us to favourites? send to a friend? paint it on the side of the house?)…. and then the runners- up (below): So print off our checklist(above) for French cycling holidays and get going!

(don’t forget to do a Google, bing, or Yahoo search to check that we are not hiding any)
and  if you should find a French cycling holiday around Bordeaux that better suits your needs or discover one we haven't listed we would appreciate a quick email of the site’s address so we can learn from it (or, of it).

Cycling in Bordeaux

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