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Leaving Bordeaux by bike

Reaching a Bordeaux Bike Tour

Some residents of the British (& Irish) Isles have it very easy when it comes to reaching a Bordeaux bike tour with direct low-cost flights from 8 English cities plus Dublin and Cork and now Edinburgh and Glasgow in mid-summer bringing about 48 million people within an hours drive of a direct flight. For most of the summer flights are offered from the following airports (and remember Bordeaux’s Merignac airport is only about a 35 minute journey to your Bordeaux city centre hotel and cycle tour start point)

Reaching your cycle tour by other flights

If it is not convenient to travel to one of the airports listed above there are two  further flying alternatives: - via a hub such as Heathrow, Stansted   or Paris; or flying to Bergerac for an  hours train journey to Bordeaux  The UK airports with direct connections to Bergerac currently include Belfast, Birmingham, Dundee, Edinburgh, East Midlands, Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds/Bradford and Newcastle (You could even request a  cycle tour that starts at Bergerac and finishes in Bordeaux though we think it works better in the other direction)

Reaching a Bordeaux cycle tour from further afield.

If flying into Charles De Gaulle airport outside Paris there are some trains that leave from there and reach Bordeaux directly so avoiding the hassle of dealing with connections wto Montparnasse train station. If already in europe and intending to fly to Bordeaux then take a look at the connections from Ryannair's hub at Charleroi south of Brussels

Reaching your Bordeaux cycle tour by Rail

St Pancreas to Gare Du Nord, Paris now takes just 2.5 hours. Allow at least an hour for crossing Paris before a 3 Hour TGV journey to Bordeaux. There is the alternative of picking up a Bordeaux train at Lille to avoid the cross Paris Journey (you may prefer to break the return leg of the trip with a night out in Paris). If you wish to use your own bike you can bring them boxed or bagged up on the Chunnel and TGV services but be sure to allow some additional time in Paris for Taxi-transfer. Specialist rail travel agents that can handle the complete journey include.  -------

Alternative ways of reaching your cycle tour start point

The Bike Express - In reality a very comfortable coach towing a trailer for stowing your bikes- operates from ‘up north‘. It  travels down to South West France initially on alternate Wednesday's until late June and alternate Saturdays thereafter (unless stated otherwise in the schedule) Arrival at Bordeaux is the following day, at about 6am. The coach stops at Lourdes before returning to the UK through Bordeaux For those nervous of flying or with non-conformist cycles (tandems, trikes, recumbents ….) this can be a viable alternative and with video screens and refreshments on board it is a long way removed from the charabancs of yore. Pickups are usually  service stations see for details.

Drive yourself. Where a party of 4 or more have booked a cycle tour a shared vehicle can prove an efficient way of reaching the start point and allows the cycling element to be combined with some motor touring before and after. Secure parking can be arranged in Bordeaux for an extra charge. The distance to Bordeaux from the channel ferry ports by auto route is

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